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CCC Eviction


As you may have heard, the Cream City Collectives has received an eviction notice from our landlord effective at midnight on November 1st. While this is undoubtably sad news, we are determined to make the best of it. On October 31 (you may know it as Halloween) we are going to have one last party to celebrate six years of hanging out, giving things away, parties, shows, zines, and memories.

Upcoming Events


Wednesday August 15th

Discussion on Agamban’s “The Coming Community” 2pm

Saturday August 18th

Japanese Film Series “Face of Another” 7pm

Sunday August 19th

Dinner Party! 6pm $5-? Asparagus rice pilaf, salad, desserts, coffee, tea…

Sunday August 26th

Japanese Film Series “The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On” 7pm

and in September…



“About the play: A history of America in the 1980s, an idiosyncratic genealogy of punk rock music, and a personal narrative of growing up as an outsider, punkplay is a mix tape tribute to the excesses and energy of adolescence. Mickey, a thirteen-year-old suburban mist, is befriended by an angry runaway named Duck. Together, they boys attempt to reinvent themselves using punk rock, but as reality threatens to crash in on them, their fabricated world of amped-up music and shocking band names becomes just as oppressive as the society they’re desperate to reject.”

PUNKPLAY by Gregory S. Moss
directed by Fly Steffens
produced by The World’s Stage Theatre Company

All performances at 7:30pm
Tickets: $10 student / $12 adultSept 6th-8th in the basement of Cream City Collectives in Riverwest
732 E. Clarke Street, Milwaukee, WI 53212
Tickets for CCC Run:

Show Tonight!



Hey y’all, there’s a fun show happening tonight at CCC!

Xtramedium – 2 piece punk from Nice, France
They played a solo set at CCC last year with Mitch the Champ. Also in a band called Sriracha if that means anything to you, which it should.

Mitch the Champ – acoustic punk from Bloomington, IN

Acidic Tree – punk band from Chicago

BFF – full band mode! yr friends from Rockford who will soon be living the dream in Milwaukee, playing with Milwaukee-ans tonight

Night Animals – currently living the dream in Milwaukee, grrl band sorta



all ages


Dire Straits and Transition for the CCC: Brief Update on the Space


The last few remaining long term core participants in the Cream City Collectives are moving away from Milwaukee before the fall. They have been integrally involved with the maintenance of the space structurally and socially, depositing money in the bank, paying energy bills, printing zines, regularly attending and being a part of meetings and discussions regarding the organization of the space and attending to and being concerned with all the minutia of endless tasks that maintain the reproduction of the space. And so they’re absence will mean that all these tasks and primarily a serious concern for its continuation needs to be transferred and made explicitly open to the others who want the space to continue.

Given this reality, many people have stepped up to do volunteer shifts, have come to meetings more, are organizing fundraisers, and are willing to take on positions of responsibility, but it’s still very much in a transitional phase.

Being in this transitional phase, the CCC is very short on rent for the month of May. We need to raise at least $500 dollars to pay for various bills and rent. Making pleas like this feels crummy to do often, so hopefully the space will be able to stabilize itself financially, which will allow it to be much more concerned with organizing events and sharing resources.

If you think it’s important to have an open anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian and queer collective space (amongst many other things) in Milwaukee please consider supporting it in whatever way you’re able. The CCC could obviously use any financial donation people are willing give, but it also could use more volunteers, people to organize events, to help with promotion, etc etc.

Any donation can be dropped off to the CCC during open hours or sent to the space at Cream City Collectives 732 E Clarke St. Milwaukee, WI 53212. A paypal option for donating will be set up soon. Open collective meetings are now regularly on Tuesdays at 7pm. If you can’t make a meeting, but would like to communicate something to the collectives email

May Day Block Party




























“So long as there is money, there will never been enough money for everyone” and in this spirit we share space, food and music with each other on May Day.

There will be some form of food (people are suggested to bring wild, large amounts of food if they can swing it), music by B*Right, Holy Shit!, and Lucky Bone, a dance party nearer the end of things, lots of mulling about, and beverages. The party goes from 3pm to 9pm, May 1st, May Day, Tues Day. Please if you work, consider calling in sick and withdrawing your labor on this day that is after all an anti-capitalist holiday, a day that people have literally died for in order to work less.




Rhymes With Orange:  Join us for a night of art and performance at the CCC! The focus of Rhymes with Orange is to promote art forms by women (cis or trans) and queer or trans folks.




Bradley – Spoken Performance
Dove Paige Anthony – Visual Art
Hollis – Dance
Malena Magnolia – Visual Art
Mary Rutkowski – Visual Art
Matty T. – Visual Art
Shannon Connor – Prints
Zoe (maybe) – Poetry



5pm – Doors open, hors d’oeuvres served.
7pm – Performances.


Insurgent Theatre and RedBird Prison Abolition are coming to Milwaukee on April 21st and 22nd, performing a play called IN THE BELLY which depicts long term solitary confinement in order to begin a critique of the entire US prison system.

Sat Apr 21st Milwaukee, WI
7PM at Cream City Collectives
732 E Clarke St

***In the Belly contains nudity, violence and other sad realities of the US prison system.




Paris 1980 – The myriad subcultures that emerged in the 50’s and 60’s – mods, rockers, punks, teddy boys, and skins, were increasingly sites of contestation.  Easily identifiable fashions and musical tastes made visible a separation that was increasingly politically based.  By 1985, racist, far-right ideologies had almost completely overtaken skinhead subculture. Gangs of skinheads posted up at various subway stops and roamed the streets of Paris looking for punks, people of color, and anyone ‘different’ to beat up.  Racist skinheads were taking territory and using fists, chains, and steel toed boots to fight for it.  Recognizing this enormous problem, Parisian youths from several subcultures took things into their own hands by banding together into gangs to kick the racist skins out of the city.  The gangs started small and outnumbered, but by the end of the decade had become so notorious that most racist skins dropped their fashions out of fear of being identified by the unrelenting “skinhead hunters.” This film chronicles the development and interplay of said subcultures and tells the story of the reclamation of the streets of Paris by the participants themselves.



Saintseneca will be on tour from Columbus, Ohio. They are a super fun, sometimes enchanting, sometimes floor stomping, awesome folk band! Magical sounds, seriously, which have been made with banjo, dulcimer, violin, trash can, lots of voices, etc.
listen –
look –

also, this happened last time they played in Milwaukee, at The Laundry Chute

+Anna Bee is from Milwaukee and sings and plays catchy folk pop songs!
listen –

+Adam Joy is from West Bend/Milwaukee, and this will be the first day of his tour! Good to the ears! Cool lyrics and new t shirts!

listen –

+Tom Luschinski
listen –

This show will be beginning between 6:00 and 7:00 so please try to come early. It could be a pot luck if you want to bring food to share. We’ll be asking for a strongly suggested donation of $5, but no one will be turned away.

ACOUSTIC SHOW: Saintseneca; Anna Bee; Adam Joy; & Tom Luschinski.