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Free School

The CCC is an ideal place for workshops and discussions.  In the past, the CCC Free School has taught classes on Spanish and French language and Jazz history.  Additionally, dozens of one-off workshops on topics ranging from DIY container gardens, to American Sign Language, to traditional Greek cooking continue to be held.  There are two things the Free School is looking for:

  1. People to volunteer to do workshops.  Do you know how to can vegetables? Make candles? Change a bicycle tire?  Change the oil in your car? Repair computers? Repair anything? Knit?
  2. We are also looking for a person or three to post the workshops to this blog so that skills can be shared across distance and time.  How cool would it be to develop our own neighborhood knowledge base?

If you can help with either of these things, please contact us at with “Free School” in the subject line.

Upcoming Workshops:

We are currently looking for proposals for workshops and free school classes.  Please come to an open meeting on Tuesdays at 4:30 or send an email to

Past workshops:

Saturday, March 26, 2011 1PM – Urban Animal Husbandry – Duck Raising Workshop and Skill-Share

Sunday, December 5, 2010 5pm – Mental Wellness Workshop

Monday, March 22 7pm – Milwaukee Area Time Exchange workshop.

A workshop will be held to familiarize folks with the Milwaukee Area Time Exchange.  Come check it out!

Milwaukee Area Time Exchange is a network of neighbors building safe and vibrant communities through the exchange of our greatest natural resources: our time, skills and spirit. One hour of service equals one time dollar, exchangable for member services. Members might provide a music lesson, take care of someone’s pet, do a home repair, volunteer at a community center, or help someone get to a doctor’s appointment. Our economy is straining, but we are still here.

We can have everything we need when we use all that we have.

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Thursday, March 25th 7pm. Introduction to internet file sharing.

Ever wondered how you could easily get and share files of any size or type?

This is an introductory workshop on sharing files of various kinds safely and efficiently over the internet. The goal of the workshop is to familiarize people with “torrenting” so that they will have the skills to share their pictures, movies, songs, and software with others. It will also teach some strategies for effective file searching. The workshop will also place a high value on keeping your computer safe from viruses and the like, but also aims to prepare you for problems that may arise.

Extra time may be devoted to working through miscellaneous computer issues. Bring your computer if you’d like but you don’t need one to participate.  A CD of useful Mac and Windows programs will be provided.

Obviously, this workshop will cover legal uses of file sharing. No one involved with the workshop condones any illegal activities.

This workshop goes from 7-9pm on Thursday March 25.

4/8 Discussion with Filmmaker and screening of THE CHICAGO CONSPIRACY

This Spring 2010, a member of Subversive Action Films, the collective that produced the documentary film The Chicago Conspiracy, will be touring the Midwest. The film springs from the student and social movements of post-dictatorship Chile. The collective is excited to share the film with engaged audiences in our area and spark discussions within local movements. In tandem with the film, we are also setting up a photo exhibit of social struggle in Chile.

The Chicago Conspiracy Trailer (Versión en Español) from Subversive Action Films

The Chicago Conspiracy traces the intertwining paths of diverse social movements in Chile—from the students on occupied campuses fighting education privatization, to the history of politically active barrios on the margins of Santiago, to the Mapuche, an indigenous people who, since the arrival of the Spanish, have never ceased resisting the expropriation of their land. Pinochet’s dictatorship from 1973-1990, supported by the US government and economically planned by former students of Milton Friedman at the University of Chicago, provides the backdrop. The film includes powerful interviews with a family who lost three children to the military dictatorship. On March 29, 1985, the first two brothers to be killed, Rafael and Eduardo Vergara, were gunned down by the military dictatorship in a politically active barrio. The anniversary of their murder is now always marked by national protests called the Day of the Youth Combatant, in their memory and to commemorate all the youth killed under the military dictatorship and the current democracy.

Thursday, April 8 2010 7pm.

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