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Screen Printing Collective

For four years, The CCC Screen Printing Collective has printed hundreds of shirts, patches, and posters and taught dozens how to do the process.  Now, the collective lacks a core group to facilitate workshops, and make the collective an open place where people can come to use the space and its supplies.  Ink stocks, and frames abound, and we can’t wait until the Screen Printing Collective becomes once again a powerhouse of creativity.

We would like:

  • Four dedicated people with roughly four hours a week to volunteer for various tasks.  Screen Printing experience is ideal, but not necessary.
  • One-two workshops per month that alternately cover the basics of screen printing and more advanced techniques of printing and design.
  • To repair the dark room and clean out the work space in the basement to make it usable.
  • To designate spaces for collective members to store supplies and works in progress.
  • To establish some guidelines for using the supplies and the space to keep things more clean and orderly.

If you are interested in tackling some of these tasks, we implore you to send an email to: with “Screen Print” in the subject line to get involved.  Feel free to talk to some friends and come as a group.



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