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Mathilde Anneke Infoshop

The infoshop aspects of the CCC consist of the free zine section, zine library, book library, for sale books, and most info related resources at the space. The many aspects of the Infoshop require a lot of time on an ongoing basis. The infoshop can always use help and would greatly benefit from any time you can dedicate to it.

Some ongoing tasks:

-organizing the library
-acquiring / stocking the for sale books and library
-organizing the zine section to be more easily accessed and organized
-fundraising for the infoshop
-a general brainstorming about the directions it could go in and what we might want to develop

If you’re interested in volunteering once, or for two to four hours a week for any of these tasks please email with “Infoshop” in the subject line.   Also feel free to share any ideas or dreams you have for the Mathilde Anneke Infoshop.

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