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Dire Straits and Transition for the CCC: Brief Update on the Space


The last few remaining long term core participants in the Cream City Collectives are moving away from Milwaukee before the fall. They have been integrally involved with the maintenance of the space structurally and socially, depositing money in the bank, paying energy bills, printing zines, regularly attending and being a part of meetings and discussions regarding the organization of the space and attending to and being concerned with all the minutia of endless tasks that maintain the reproduction of the space. And so they’re absence will mean that all these tasks and primarily a serious concern for its continuation needs to be transferred and made explicitly open to the others who want the space to continue.

Given this reality, many people have stepped up to do volunteer shifts, have come to meetings more, are organizing fundraisers, and are willing to take on positions of responsibility, but it’s still very much in a transitional phase.

Being in this transitional phase, the CCC is very short on rent for the month of May. We need to raise at least $500 dollars to pay for various bills and rent. Making pleas like this feels crummy to do often, so hopefully the space will be able to stabilize itself financially, which will allow it to be much more concerned with organizing events and sharing resources.

If you think it’s important to have an open anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian and queer collective space (amongst many other things) in Milwaukee please consider supporting it in whatever way you’re able. The CCC could obviously use any financial donation people are willing give, but it also could use more volunteers, people to organize events, to help with promotion, etc etc.

Any donation can be dropped off to the CCC during open hours or sent to the space at Cream City Collectives 732 E Clarke St. Milwaukee, WI 53212. A paypal option for donating will be set up soon. Open collective meetings are now regularly on Tuesdays at 7pm. If you can’t make a meeting, but would like to communicate something to the collectives email

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