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MEGA BOG (seattle)

“A Young Witch sifts her way in to your mind and whispers goblin poetry. A cinnamon roll filled with frozen potions. Wicked. Mega Bog is from the Puget Sound area in Washington and vibes differently on the “Seattle Sound”. Deep and Wild! On and off harsh and mellow vibe pop. Owl music. ” – ZDB

KUSIKIA (portland)

“A swell gets greater, bodies get loose. New spells over eternity every gnarly moment you share the same breath. Howling. To feel and to hear. Soft light gets dark again; dark light gets clear. A secret from the city. You will be. ” – Anonymous

APPLESEEDS (milwaukee)

Milam and Fly grew up in punk streets of Wisco side by side. His licks and her lyrics combined were the hot sauce of humanity, but they needed a drummer. Luckily, Bryce crashed his blazer into Milam’s front porch while blasting Johnny Cash and The Rolling Stones simultaneously from two tape decks attached by duct-tape, and the rest is history.

BERNADINE (milwaukee)

hailing satan, gettin’ sassy, sexy drones, guitar torture, talkin’ radical politics, fucking up patriarchy, winning, karate jones, woo-ing, the frozen section in the grocery store, the green bay packers, and shandy.

7:00pm $5 CCC

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