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I-n37 $3CuRI7y F0r h@7@rz @nd @ctivi$7z*


QuIt N008inG wi7h YR 3-z b@K3 0v3n!**

*(Internet Security for Haters and Activists)
**(Quit being a “Noobie” and put a lock on that EZ Bake oven)

When:// June 6th and 7th.9am to 9pm
Where:// the cream city collectives.732 e clarke st
Who:// l33t h@x0r 7r@$h (~H.)
What:// ~H. will be teaching contemporary computer security skills, Including “Tor and anonymous Internet browsing”://:”Backtrack and how to crack passwords & wifi”://:”Enigmail, GPGP and how to send secure emails to friend.comrades”://:”TrueCrypt and how to encrypt your hard drive and individual files.folders.etc.etc”
How:// Because these lessons change based on the OS and type of laptop you use, ~H. will be giving private lessons all day.  She asks that you call, text, or email her in advanced with your OS if you would like participate in this event.  Further if you would like backtrack.tor.enigmail.trucrypt installed not on your cpu, she ask that you bring her a 8 gb USB stick.
Why:// f0r 7h3 lulz (to protect each other and ourselves, and to share information securely)

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  1. Mister Tea permalink
    05/29/2011 12:41 pm

    Sooo good! I’m so pumped this is happening.

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