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Yes, yes, there’s lots going on Friday night.  Our good friends Andrew the Red and the Heckling Spectacles are performing at the UWM Rec center at 8:30.  Hopefully, they’ll perform and then parade over to the CCC for this month’s GAME NIGHT.  Who knows, maybe we’ll see an encore?  If you’re just in the mood for some games and conversation, stop by the CCC between 8 and 11:30pm to hang out.  Better still, bring a game to play as you can only play chutes & ladders so many times.  Hope to see you there!


FRIDAY FEBRUARY 11, 2011 8-11:30PM

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  1. bonerballs permalink
    02/12/2011 10:06 am

    gawd i can’t believe you guys haven’t had any trolls yet. NO MORE GAMES!!! that’s just hierarchy bros and bro-ettes. take down the playful machine!!!!!!!!!!MORE TROLLING!!!

    • creamcitycollectives permalink*
      02/13/2011 1:38 pm

      Yeah, you should’ve been here while we deconstructed the power relationships in chutes and ladders.

      It’s a bit funny we don’t get more trolls innit?

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