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7pm at the Cream City Collectives:
“Riot Grrrl Relived; the spirit of grrrl zines, next generation”

A visual examination of current grrrl zines as influenced by the 90’s movement; 20 years later- taking the revolution and making it our own. The relevancy and still (ever) current need for angry-feminist-motion. Zines were the start and are the continuation of this wave of idea; Womanifesta.
(accompanied by a bake sale!!)

Zine Reading!

Come see yr favorite zinesters read-aloud from their work!
Readings by:
-Christopher Wilde (QZAP, 3rd Grade Feminist, Abrupt Lane Edge zines)
-Miss Nico (Desensitized, Good Sex/Bad Sex zines)
-John Wawrzaszek (The Muse, The News, The Noose zine)
-Keith Rosson (Avow Zine)
-Dane Haman (Sproink)
-Sarah May? (Go For Broke)
-Shannon Connor
-Eric Zimmerman
-Nic-Fit Comics


12:00 pm – One Page Zine Making

One Page Zine Making: Learn the secret method for cutting and folding a single piece of paper so it makes a tiny 8 or 10 page zine! Learn a couple of other ways to make a zine with one piece of paper too! And a couple basic zine making tips! Perfect if you’re totally new to zine making or just new to one page zines.

1:00 pm – Anchor’s Away! The Artist in Residency program at The Roberts Street Social Centre in Halifax

QZAP collective members Miss Nico and Christopher Wilde host a workshop on the Artist in Residency program at The Roberts Street Social Centre / Anchor Zine Library and Archive in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They have each separately been a part of the amazing two-week Residency program in successive years. Each of them will share stories and images of their experiences of living in The Shed while creating their main projects, give details about the Residency itself, provide a background about Halifax and the North End neighbourhood where Roberts Street Social Centre is located, and make suggestions on how people can apply for the 2011 program!

2:00 pm – Queer and Trans Zines

Kelly Shortandqueer (publisher of shortandqueer) will present a workshop on the role and importance of zine culture in creating space and validation for transgender-identified and gender non-conforming folks. He’ll also share a variety of trans zines to demonstrate the scope of experiences, thoughts, and identities within this community.

3:00 pm – Zine History

4:00 pm – Stenciling!

Design, cut, and print stencils! We will have a stencil archive to choose from or material to cut out your own stencil. We will also have paint and mud! Jesse Graves will demo mud stencils. Please bring clothes, bags, paper, or anything you’d like to print on! We will also have cardboard and paper to print on if you don’t bring something.

7pm – Milwaukee Zinefest After-fest Show  – 3

All That Damn Action!
Ahab’s Ghost
Diet Cokeheads



After a weekend of zinesters and selfpublishing goodness, join us on Sunday morning for The CCCs delicious pancake brunch fundraiser. Typically $1/pancake or $5-All you can eat. Plus coffee and fixin’s. It’s a great way to fill your belly and support the CCC as a way of saying “thanks” for all the love that they give Milwaukee’s zine community.

See you there!

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