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Some time between 7pm Wednesday night and 7pm Saturday night, the CCC’s cash box was broken into and about $350 was stolen.   We’re particularly unsettled by the way the execution of the robbery indicates that it was likely performed by someone who is familiar with the space and the way it works.   Our trust has been shaken up a bit and  along with never having more than $50 in the space from now on, we will be changing some things to mitigate any future robberies.

We’re over half way through the month of July and are now unable to pay the $600 needed at the end of the month to cover expenses.  If you have any cash to spare, please make a donation now so that we can stay open through the summer.  You can also write a check to the cream city collectives.  Our hours are still patchy, if you can’t make it to an event to drop off a donation, please email us and a volunteer can meet you when it works for your schedule.  You can also make a paypal personal donation to if you have a paypal account.

If you’ve found value in this social center in the past, if you’ve felt proud that it exists in Milwaukee, then your help is needed now to keep it open.  The CCC relies completely on our donations and participation to function.  Please step up now and help keep this place open!

To that person(s) who stole the money who we’ve probably chatted with on a  few occasions, fuck you. We hope the money was worth more than a relationship with us because we never want to see you again.

**EDIT: 7/20 Thanks so much to those who’ve donated thus far!**

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