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We’re super pumped to help our friends in West Bend celebrate the opening of their own collective space the evening of July 4. Called the Candlelight Collective, the space is located at 258 N. Main St. Downtown West Bend, WI. Head up there tonight and help them open the space!

From the Candlelight Collective’s Blog:

5pm. Collective open for folks to come in, hang out, and check out the space. Sort of an “open house” intended to introduce the space and get people acquainted with those involved in the collective and the collective itself.

6pm. POTLUCK! Folks from the collective will be making food for everyone to eat for free. Potluck means that you eat free, but are also encouraged to bring a dish to share. This shouldn’t be too hard, so try and bring what you can.

7pm. Bands Begin! Blessed Feathers will be playing first. They are a fun, 3-piece folk-ish band from West Bend. (Check out their music here). Next, John Muther will play. John is an energetic acoustic musician originally from West Bend, but now living in Milwaukee. (Check out his music here). After the two bands, there will be an open mic. This means everyone is welcome to get up on the mic and play music, sing songs, read poetry, make jokes, etc. Everyone!

Wrapping it up. After all of the festivities, folks are welcome to hang around with us, check out the space some more, and watch the fireworks.

Please spread this around and invite everyone you know!

We are thrilled that another collective space is opening up in a nearby city and are excited to collaborate on projects with them. Great work y’all!


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