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After months of trying to make a basement computer lab work, we decided to just move it upstairs.  We’ve now got four computers fit for web browsing.  We’ve also still got wireless internet and free coffee (if you make it) so consider hanging out here the next time you need a place to relax and browse the web.

Hopefully, this lab will make the CCC more useful and relevant to more people.  However, with many volunteers vacationing or moving away, we are short staffed and may not be open during scheduled hours.  We’re sorry if you’ve wasted time coming here when we’re closed.  To remedy this, we are really looking for people to take a two hour shift once a week to help keep the space open during open hours.  Please stop by any tuesday at 4:45 to sign up if you can come in for any of the following shifts.

Mon: 3-5 or 5-7pm //// Weds: 3-5pm  ////  Thurs: 3-5 or 5-7 //// Friday: 5-7 //// Saturday: 1-3 or 3-5 //// Sunday: 12-2 or 2-4  Really, any time Friday-Sunday that you can staff consistently would be great as we’d like to be open as much as possible on the weekends.  Come help keep the social center open!

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