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Power Down Week 2010 is here!

From June 21-27, the CCC will be hosting events as a part of the challenge.

The challenge is simple – try to use as little electricity or gas as possible for one week.  Turn off that cell phone and those lights, don’t drive if you can help it, maybe even turn off the breakers in your home.  Use candles for light, check the social networking wall at the polish falcon to make plans with friends, and enjoy some time without a care for what’s outside the neighborhood.  What will you do with your free time now that the boss can’t call you into work? download full power down schedule of events


Monday 6/21: SHOW: Defiance Ohio, Billy Mack Collector, Dynamite Puzzle, & Demon Horse. 7pm $6. …Okay, this isn’t a powered down show, but it’s across from the opening event at the falcon from 4-6 and some of us will head to reservoir park afterward for the solstice celebration at 9.  It’s the longest day of the year and the first day of summer!

Tuesday 6/22: Panel discussion: Challenges to Sustainability in Urban Environments” 6pm.  This is a free presentation & discussion on the practicality of sustainability in a neighborhood like Riverwest.  Free zines and lit will be available.

Friday 6/25: Urban Camping.  Check the CCC door on the 25th for the location.  We’ll probably convene at the CCC after supper and head to the location to camp the night.  Find friends and bring tents/supplies.  We’ll post a have/need board.  Be sure to post there if you have extra tent space or if you’re in need of a space.

Sunday 6/27: Power Down Pancake Breakfast 11-2pm.  As usual, you can get your cakes for a dollar a piece or $5 for all you can eat.  You get free cakes if you bring a bottle of *real* maple syrup and there’s always free coffee.

We’ll be offline for the week.  Hope to see you around!


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