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letters to prisoners & dance party benefit 6/18


Come out to the CCC Friday at 7 to write a nice note to a prisoner. Envelopes, papers, pens, postage, and snacks will be provided (although it would be an awfully sweet surprise if one were to bring their own supplies). Write to a friend or family member.  If you’d prefer, we’ve got lists of prisoners you can write to.  Even a short note of greetings or hello makes a huge difference in connecting prisoners to the outside world.  Remember, everything you write will be reviewed by the snouts of jail censors (polizei), so while you’re formulating ideas about what you’re going to write to your new pen pals, remember, what you say could land you or the prisoner you’re writing to in a hell of a lot of trouble. So, keep it legal; keep it fluffy.

This is the first of many events of its kind. In the wake of this event, Have Heart Collective plans to host monthly letter writing nights every 3rd Friday of the month at the Cream City Collectives. In our view, prisoner support is something that needs to be sustained; a presence that needs to be continual. We know all too well the persistence of those who work overtime to send individuals to their captors. Point being, they don’t relent, why would we?

Stick around after the letter writing for a dance party benefit called  Pitbulls are nice! This is a benefit party to raise money for Brandy’s training classes, license, and vet bills. Brandy is a pitbull boxer. She is about 2 years old. She has been abandoned and neglected several times in her life and is finally with an owner who loves her and takes care of her. The only thing this puppy needs is to be trained so that she will get along with other dogs! There are also some vet bills that need to paid due to Brandy not getting along with other dogs.

So, come hang out, dance, eat, drink and donate money towards a healthy, friendly and happy pitbull!


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