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film screening: 69


For twenty-five years,

Youths in Copenhagen ran their own squatted social center.  Huge dinners, concerts by the likes of Bjork, and countless events filled the building with history that touched generations of Danes.  In 2007, Ungdomshuset was evicted and razed.  Despite the existence of other abandoned buildings, the city refused to allow people to open a different social center which lead to heated clashes with police.   69 is the powerful story of the last months of Ungdomshuset and the kids’ fight to defend their space.  While the fight to save the original building at Jagtvej 69 was ultimately lost, weekly demonstrations and widespread rioting eventually forced the city to allow a new social center to open at Dortheavej-61.

Those interested in the CCC, the Borg Ward, Eagles Nest, or other self-directed spaces outght to check this out to see both the possibilities afforded by years of collective control of a rent-free space as well as the incredible dedication and attachment that developed in the people who found value in such a space. This is an amazing, undertold story that came about just three years ago and the film should not be missed.


Other squats of note: The Multipleks (Netherlands), and Christiana (Denmark) (wiki page).  There are many, many more, including squats in the US and even Milwaukee,  but most do not have legal protection.  It is not known if there is a squatter’s support structure in Milwaukee but perhaps the film night will make visible a latent interest.


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