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File-sharing workshop 3/25


Ever wondered how you could easily get and share files of any size or type?

This is an introductory workshop on sharing files of various kinds safely and efficiently over the internet. The goal of the workshop is to familiarize people with “torrenting” so that they will have the skills to share their pictures, movies, songs, and software with others. It will also teach some strategies for effective file searching. The workshop will also place a high value on keeping your computer safe from viruses and the like, but also aims to prepare you for problems that may arise.

Extra time may be devoted to working through miscellaneous computer issues. Bring your computer if you’d like but you don’t need one to participate.  A CD of useful Mac and Windows programs will be provided.

Obviously, this workshop will cover legal uses of file sharing. No one involved with the workshop condones any illegal activities.

This workshop goes from 7-9pm on Thursday March 25.


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